Find the perfect drink to go with the music you’re listening to with Drinkify.

In the tradition of bringing you awesome new stuff on the internet – like Dating Ariane and Two YouTube Videos and a Motherfucking CrossfaderSick Chirpse can now present to you: Drinkify.  What the hell is a Drinkify I hear you cry?

That’s a good question. Basically Drinkify seems to combine two of my favourite things: drinking and music. Music being in the form of Spotify. I don’t really like spotify that much (especially not now, what a load of crap right?) but Drinkify is pretty cool. Basically you type in the name of the band you’re listening to – or want to listen to – and it pops up with the perfect drink you should make whilst listening to that band AND plays a song by that band.

Pretty awesome right? It has a shedload of bands/artists on there two, even Sick Chirpse’s very own JAYOU and my old band All or Nothing. And the choices it gives you are pretty accurate too. Listening to the Menzingers, well of course it’s a PBR! Listening to Rage Against The Machine ? Well it’s going to be a Rage Against the Machine (Tennessee Whiskey, Coconut Milk and an egg!?!?)! Listening to JAYOU, well in that case you’re drinking rum out of a brown paper bag. Sounds about right.

Amazingly, Drinkify was created in 24 hours by three coders. I don’t know much about code but it seems that they just used Last FM for the songs and pictures, I’m more amazed that they managed to come up with so many fitting drinks for each artist that you type in. Obviously a lot of them are very generic – you get PBR for most punk bands – but for a lot of the well known artists they put a lot of effort in and came up with some really fitting drinks e.g. The Lady Gaga – 6 oz of vodka, the Hall & Oates – one bottle of red wine, the Lou Reed – 4 oz of Tennessee Whiskey, the Jay Z – 10 oz of Gin.

Check out Drinkify here and let us know the best ones you come up with!


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