Watch The Dramatic Moment A Child ISIS Bomber Is Stripped Of His Suicide Belt

Suicide bomber boy belt

That was tense.

A young boy, thought to be around 12-years-old, has been arrested after being caught with a suicide belt.

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The police over in Kirkuk, Iraq, managed to remove the belt moments before he was planning to set it off. This incident occurred just one day after another child bomber killed 51 people at a wedding party. So sad.

It is believed that the bombs were being remotely controlled by ISIS militants. After questioning, it emerged that the kid was on his way to set off his belt at a Shia mosque, although luckily he was caught in time and no one was harmed.

The boy has since been taken into police custody for further questioning. A security officer said:

There is a dangerous campaign tonight against Kirkuk.

It’s just so tragic that the ongoing battles in that area of the world have become so severe that children as young as 12 are seeking solidarity from ISIS. I was still mucking about down the park at that age – it makes you realise how lucky we are.

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