Best New Tumblr Find – Drakeing Bad

Drakeing Bad Featured

What do you get if you cross Breaking Bad with Drake? Drakeing Bad duh.

What do you get if you cross Drake with Breaking Bad? The answer is fairly simple – Drakeing Bad which is today’s Best New Tumblr Find. There isn’t much you can really say about it other than the description given by the tumblr’s maker: ‘This is a tumblr where I draw Drake into scenes from Breaking Bad. Thanks.’

At the time of writing there are only six pictures on the tumblr but they’re pretty awesome and if you’re a fan of Breaking Bad or Drake they’re pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh. If you’re a fan of both then even better. Check out the actual tumblr HERE if you’ve stumbled across this in the future as there may be a whole bunch more pictures on there for you to enjoy by that time.

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