Drake Brought Out Eminem At His Concert In Detroit And It Was Sick (VIDEO)

The crowd goes absolutely NUTS.

There were rumours recently that Eminem was about to drop a diss track on Drake, but it looks like that’s all BS as Drake brought Eminem on stage during his show at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit this week.

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Drake paid tribute to the hometown hero, even calling him “the greatest rapper ever to get on the microphone.”

Very wise move for Drake to bring Eminem out in front of his home crowd, just in case there was a 1% chance that diss track was really happening. Can’t think of anything more nerve-wracking for a rapper than wondering whether Eminem has a problem with you. Drake put the whole thing to bed though by making sure he and Eminem are friends. The place went absolutely MENTAL.

P.S. What a track that was though:


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