Dr. Dre’s Wife Is Being Investigated For Embezzlement From One Of His Companies By The LAPD

It’s the latest twist in their messy divorce proceedings.

There haven’t been two many high profile celebrity divorces this year – I guess Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is a whole different story entirely – so Dr Dre’s split with his wife of 24 years Nicole Young has been receiving a lot of attention and the story has more twists and turns than a WAGatha Christie incident.

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The latest update that I don’t think anybody saw coming is that Young is now being investigated for embezzlement by the LAPD. We told you a couple of weeks ago that one of Dre’s associates Larry Chatham – who is the head of production at Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment – had alleged that Nicole had withdrawn $385,029 from the company account without permission via some legal documents, and it looks as if he’s double downed on this statement by reporting her to the LAPD for her actions.

Nicole is arguing that she had a right to the money because her name is on that corporate account, but it remains to be seen how the authorities feel about that. If she’s found guilty, then Nicole could actually end up doing time in prison for the embezzlement.

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Young’s attorneys are arguing that there’s no basis in reality for these claims and that it’s just a smear campaign from Dre’s lawyers. However, judges have already determined that Dre doesn’t need to pay her requested $2 million a month in spousal support or her $5 million in lawyer’s fees, so it’s safe to say that her current legal team don’t really know what they’re doing or that Dre has way better lawyers. So it goes.

Sounds like a mess and you can bet that there are going to be even more developments before this is all over between the two of them. Personally, I would love to know why Young just casually wanted to withdraw almost $400,000 from a company account for – what the hell did she need to spend that on so urgently? You know that’s going to be funny whatever it turns out to be for.

For more of the same, here’s a love letter Dre wrote to Young 25 years ago. How things change.


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