Dr Dre’s Still A Badass

Dr Dre Kendrick Lamar

Dre, Scoop DeVille and Kendric Lamar release a new banger.

We’ve all been waiting for Dr Dre’s new album ‘Detox’ for far too long now, but if this recently released track which Dre features on is anything to go by it’s gonna be worth the wait.

Produced by Scoop DeVille, Dre teams up with Kendrick Lamar to deliver this straight up West Coast hit. Think 40s, blunts and low-riders. The track’s titled ‘The Recipe’ which apparently means ‘Woman, weed and weather’ – sounds like a good meal to me. Enjoy.

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If you’re into finding out where samples are from check out where Snoop and 50 picked up theirs for this track here.


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