Dr Dre’s Ex Wife Is Claiming $2 Million A Month In Spousal Support, Including $20,000 Phone Bill

Seems reasonable.

Celebrity divorces are always going to be really messy and this is going to be multiplied exponentially by how much money they have between them, so when you’re talking about the billion dollar divorce between Dr Dre and his wife then you’re talking about some big ass problems.

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Nicole Young is claiming $2 million a month in spousal support from Dr Dre and is claiming that the pre nup that she signed before the two were married is invalid because he ripped it up in front of her. 50% of that sentence seems reasonable to me, but at least Nicole is attempting to justify the ridiculous amount of monthly money she’s asking for by saying the following:

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• Laundry and cleaning: $10,000 a month

• Clothes: $135,000 a month

• Education (tuition and living expenses): $60,000 a month

• Entertainment: $900,000 a month

• Charitable contributions: $125,000 a month

• Mortgage: $100,000 a month

• Telephone, cell phone, e-mail: $20,000 a month

Not sure what the most outrageous thing on that list is – oh wait it has to be the $20,000 phone bill. How the hell can anyone justifiably say that they’re spending that much on their phone every month? I think I pay something like £25 a month and get unlimited phone calls, texts and 100GB of data or something? If she’s paying literally 100 times more than me what could she be getting for that? 1 million GB of data (I’m applying a bulk discount)? Is that really necessary or even believable in the current climate?

Obviously, an entertainment budget of $900,000 is also ridiculous – is she renting Disney World every day of the year or something and so is $135,000 on clothes and $10,000 on laundry, but I can maybe forgive that for a super rich person that just spends money all the time and doesn’t give AF. The cell phone is such a weird blag though, I don’t think I can get over that they’re actually going with that. Surely there must be something else they could try?

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