Donnie Darko 8 Bit Video Game Is As Messed Up As The Movie

Donnie Darko 8 Bit

Although to be fair, it probably makes more sense than the movie itself.

When Donnie Darko came out about ten years ago it pretty much instantly became a cult classic – it had everything you needed like a completely weird plot, a killer soundtrack, Jake Gyllenhaal, a super scary fucked up rabbit and Patrick Swayze playing a paedophile.

Since then, its legacy and status has ben retained (despite an absolutely terrible straight to video sequel that has pretty much nothing to do with the original) and it’s still one of those movies that if I see it on TV I just have to check it out and watch it until the end.

It wasn’t exactly inevitable that someone would make an 8 bit arcade version of it, but it’s not exactly surprising either as it seems to be the kind of thing that happens with cult movies, and if you’re a fan of the movie then you’ll be pleased to see it includes most of the major plot points from the movie and is just as weird as it, although it probably does a better job of explaining the storyline than the movie actually did. Cellar Door.

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