Someone’s Made A Claymation Of The Donald Trump Pee Tape

Donald Trump Claymation

This is all kinds of wrong.

When we all heard about the rumours that Donald Trump paid Russian prostitutes to pee all over a bed that Barack Obama was about to sleep in, we were all obviously shocked and appalled by it yet also strangely fascinated by it at the same time.

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However despite this, I’m pretty sure none of us really wanted to ever see the contents of this tape as it was likely to be absolutely filthy and disgusting – although I’m fairly sure most of us would probably have watched it only to deny it when anyone asked us. That’s exactly what’s going to happen with this claymation reimagining of the scene.

To say that it’s absolutely rank and disgusting would be an understatement – it’s really funny sure, but also made me feel like I needed to take a wash immediately after watching it. So just to be forewarned, it’s absolutely rank and definitely NSFW:

Ewww. It’s so gross how the pee comes out of the hookers like mayonnaise out of a squeezy bottle. Not into that at all.

Bordering on scat claymation porn to be honest. At least we’ve all watched this one so we don’t have to watch the real one when it’s inevitably leaked, right? Right.

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