Donald Trump Instantly Regrets Retweeting This Scathing Message


You can’t make this stuff up.

Donald Trump has once again been at the forefront of the news following the Charlottesville incident over the weekend, and once again he’s done something ridiculously dumb during his Presidency.

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It’s not exactly new knowledge that Trump is particularly stupid when it comes to Twitter and trolling people, but he probably needs to be a little bit more careful with that retweet button after he accidentally retweeted a guy called Mike Holden who described Trump as a fascist. Trump did manage to delete the tweet this time, but of course Holden had already managed to screen grab it so that it will live long in the memory of everyone in the world:

Don’t blame the guy for retiring – that’s some serious Twitter game right there.

Trump had actually been attempting to retweet a story about how he was seriously considering a pardon for ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, but clearly got confused with how to use the retweet function. It’s OK I suppose because that happens to everyone, although maybe you should be looking into what you’re doing more when you’re the President of the United States. Just saying.

In case you’re wondering about this Joe Arpaio guy, he was found guilty of criminal contempt two weeks ago. Trump is considering a pardon for him because he’s “a great American patriot that has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration.” Go figure.

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