Donald Trump Protester Lights Pro-Trump Supporter’s Hair On Fire (VIDEO)

When liberals attack.

Anti-Trump protesters have been busy bitching and moaning on the streets of America this week, and as usual a few of them have taken things a tad bit too far.

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The video begins with a scene of anti- and pro-Trump supporters facing each other, until eventually one anti-Trump supporter sees a golden opportunity to light a Trump loyalist’s hair on fire.

Forward to about 1:10 for the incident:

Watched a couple times and still not entirely sure who the culprit is. I think it was the Mexican dude/girl behind the one in the yellow jacket. Regardless, we have officially reached the stage where people are lighting each other’s heads on fire because they have different opinions. What a time to be alive…

She got off lightly compared to the anti-Trump protester who was sent flying down a flight of stairs, though.


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