Donald Trump Mocks Joe Biden For Falling Off His Bike In Viral Clip


In case you missed it, Joe Biden went for a bike ride in front of the world’s press on the weekend and it did not end well. Here’s a reminder:

No one enjoyed watching that footage of Biden falling over more than Donald Trump, and he’s now taken the opportunity to take a pop at his political rival over it. He couldn’t do it on Twitter though, seeing as he’s been banned. So he instead shared his reaction on the nauseatingly-named Truth Social, by posting a meme that makes it look like he knocked Biden off his bike with a tremendous swing of his golf club:

Classic Trump eh? No doubt he’ll bring up the incident again if he does indeed run for the Presidency in 2024 and these two are made to debate each other on stage one more time. He’ll talk about how Biden embarrassed America in front of the world by falling off his bike and just laying there helplessly. Maybe he could put his money where his mouth is and suggest a physical challenge section of the debates? No one really cares what these two are babbling on about anyway, just have them race each other on bicycles or do some Gladiators-style challenges or something. Who says no? Exactly.

For Jake Paul’s recent thoughts on Joe Biden, click HERE. Not complimentary.


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