Donald Trump Just Wiped $1 Billion Off A Company’s Stock Value With This Dumb Tweet

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Donald Trump continues to do completely stupid things despite the fact that he’s the President Of The United States and although it’s kind of funny, I’m pretty sure the joke is probably going to wear thin after four years of it.

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This latest escapade involves one of Trump’s favourite platforms: Twitter. Trump was shocked to discover recently that the new version of Air Force One was going to cost $4 billion and decided to send out a tweet about it, urging the government to cancel their contract with Boeing:

The tweet incredibly caused the value of Boeing to be wiped by $1 billion (the price dropped from $152.16 per share to $149.75 per share following the tweet), which is ridiculous in itself, but even more ridiculous when you consider that Trump hadn’t even received the right information about the cost of the plane. A statement from The White House released later that day said the following:

Some of the statistics that have been cited, shall we say, don’t appear to reflect the nature of the financial arrangement between Boeing and the Department of Defense.

Ooof. Whilst this might be kind of funny – provided you don’t work for Boeing or have stocks in them – it really does get you worried for just what Trump might be capable of as President of the United State if he’s just going to act wildly on misinformation without any thought of the consequence. Here’s hoping he learns his lesson on this one, although I very much doubt it to be honest.

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