Donald Trump’s Son Just Dropped The Most Outrageous Comment About Syrian Refugees

Did he really just say that?

Donald Trump’s eldest son has caused a bit of an uproar on social media this week, after comparing Syrian refugees to poisoned skittles.

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Here’s Donald Trump Jr’s argument for why the US should not accept any refugees:

Naturally, the internet exploded:

Obviously the Syrian refugee crisis is a complicated issue that can be seen from several angles. We know Syria is a fucked up warzone, but we also know that most Syrians are NOT terrorists and all they’re trying to do is escape from ISIS who is our common enemy.

The humanitarian thing to do is to vet and accept as many of these refugees as possible into our countries, after all there’s plenty of us who aren’t purely ‘English’ or ‘American’ or whatever.

All that being said, the Trumps do have a point in that some terrorists will slip through the net, as we’ve already seen far too many times over the years. It’s a question of doing the right thing but also accepting that by doing so, you’re increasing the likelihood of a terror attack over here in the West.

There’s no right move really. But one thing’s for sure – that Tweet was pretty fucking stupid.


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