Donald Trump Calls Kim Jong Un ‘Short And Fat’ Before Saying ‘He Tried So Hard To Be His Friend’

Donald Trump Kim Jong Un

Great way to try and make friends.

Throughout Donald Trump’s laughable Presidency, the tension between him and North Korea has been palpable, especially with increasing reports of Kim Jong-Un testing out more ballistic missiles all the time. It seems like the threat of nuclear war between the two countries is very real.

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So how do you think that the two countries would try to settle their differences and come to a peaceful resolution? Normally you would probably expect some effort of diplomacy, but in 2017 it’s more likely that the two leaders will insult each other through social media. Of course it is.

A few months ago, Kim Jong-Un got quoted calling Trump a dotard, which is a Korean word for an old and senile person. In response, Trump has called Kim ‘Rocket Man’ a bunch of times in speeches, but finally decided to make his feelings about the situation really known via his Twitter account last night.

This is really stupid:

I mean I don’t even know where to begin with that one. I’d like to say that it surprised me with just how ridiculous it was, but this is 2017 and Trump has been President for a whole year now so nothing at all really surprises me anymore. So it goes.

For what it’s worth I hope that the pair do manage to reconcile their differences and become friends, but I think they might actually have to meet up and stop trading barbed insults with each other via the internet to do that. Things are always so much better in person.

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