Sony Is Trying To Bury Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Film Because Donald Trump Gets AIDS In It

The original troll strikes again.

‘The Brothers Grimsby’ hasn’t really received the sort of hype you might expect for a new Sacha Baron Cohen film, and turns out there’s a reason for that.

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Sony Pictures decided to limit the film’s marketing because they’re concerned about a scene in which “Donald Trump” accidentally contracts AIDS.

They can’t ask Cohen to remove the scene because he worked out a producer-actor deal where he has final authority over the film.


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Apparently Sony are shit-scared of Donald Trump’s reaction to this scene, especially as he’s vowed to come down hard on people who portray him negatively in the media (so that’ll be most people then).

They’re also presumably still traumatised by their issues with Kim Jong-un following 2014’s The Interview.

Sony have now included a disclaimer in screenings of Grimsby stating Trump did not participate in making the movie whatsoever.

A source says:

If you were told that they’re shying away from the movie because of the political implications, I can tell you that’s 100 percent true.

I haven’t heard amazing things about this film but whether it’s crap or not, you’ve got to appreciate Sacha Baron Cohen’s creativity in giving the next US President AIDS on film. He should be able to show the world his genius whether Sony likes it or not. Well OK giving a film character AIDS isn’t exactly genius but at least it shows you’re in touch with what the people want.

Besides I’d hope Donald Trump has better things to worry about than catching fake AIDS in a Sacha Baron Cohen film. Like the fact people are drawing hyper-realiistic paintings of him with a micropenis.

P.S. Never forget:


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