One Of Donald Trump’s Top Advisors Just Got Bodybagged On Live TV (VIDEO)

Cringe central.

Donald Trump isn’t doing too great in the polls recently, which I guess makes sense because his campaign has pretty much been a car-wreck.

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He sent Michael Cohen, one of his top advisors to CNN this week to talk about how great his boss is, but unfortunately he came up against anchor Brianna Keilar, who wasn’t about to listen to any bullshit.

It led to this absolutely brutal exchange:

Pro tip – if you need to ask who says you’re losing, then it’s probably everyone. This isn’t North Korea where you can just insist that everything’s hunky dory and everyone believes it.

Full interview below if you want to see this guy make an even bigger tit of himself:

That 15-year-old Trump superfan certainly won’t be happy.


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