Here’s Donald Trump Admitting He Wants To Date A 10-Year-Old Girl


Classic Trump.

As if it wasn’t already obvious that having Donald Trump as President was one of the most terrible ideas in history, those against him have really ramped up the hate campaign in the last week after that terrible video of him saying he would grab girls in the pussy emerged.

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It may just be ‘locker room talk’ but most people are appalled by some of the things that are coming out of Trump’s mouth and it just seems to get worse as more and more footage and stories from the past are being dragged up. In this latest video from 1992 when Trump was 46, you can hear him looking at a bunch of 10-year-old girls who are visiting Trump Tower, identifying one in particular going up an escalator and saying, “I’m going to be dating her in ten years”:

Ewww. That’s not really any kind of ‘locker room talk’ I’ve ever heard of – it just seems kind of gross and creepy to me, although I’m not really sure if it constitutes people calling Trump a paedophile, which is what some people are saying after hearing it. Maybe though.

Even so, it’s obviously not the kind of thing the leader of the free world would be saying – could you imagine what other world leaders would be thinking if he was introduced to their family during a diplomatic visit or something? Absolutely not the one.

Anyway, we’ve been saying for years that it would be an absolute insult to humanity if he actually stepped into the Oval Office next year, so if you need anymore reasons why this is the case, just watch the video below. No brainer:


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