Domino’s Just Absolutely DESTROYED This Customer In Two Simple Words


Domino’s, you absolute savage.

We’ve all been there: it’s late, the ashtray is full, and YouTube’s ‘up next’ is taking you on a journey of Buddhist pilgrimage – a world away from the ‘MMA fails’ clip you originally clicked.

All of a sudden, the munchies hit and you’re body begins to crave an 16” disc of cheesy bread. You go straight to and click on the deal with the most words. You’re about to check out and then you see the box of unlimited possibilities: Additional Information. The grail for stoned imagination.

You ponder on the ideas of rude drawings or freestyled bars at the door. Then you realise just the thing you need after your self-reflective journey though the himalayas: a nice friendly joke.



Okay maybe we haven’t all been there. Still though, pretty rich coming from a delivery boy, but maybe he was tipped off about the lad’s eyebrow?

Anyway, this takes it to the next motherfucking level.


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