The Domino’s ‘Easy Order’ Lets You Buy Pizza By Just Pressing A Button

The game changer we’ve all been waiting for.

Ever been so hungover that even logging onto the Domino’s website and ordering a lifesaving pizza seems like the biggest effort in the world?

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Well Domino’s has just released the ultimate device that makes ordering pizza the easiest thing ever — an actual physical button you can press to instantly order your favourite pizza to your door.

The button syncs with your mobile device over Bluetooth and connects wiith an app that automatically places an order for your chosen pizza (predetermined by you obviously) with your closest Domino’s.

Once the button is pushed, it glows red to let you know your pizza is on the way. How fucking simple and awesome is that?

There’s also a digital version of the Easy Order button on the Domino’s app and website so you don’t actually have to purchase the physical button. All you’ve got to do is log onto the app and register your details along with your favourite order. From there, your favourite pizza is literally one click away.


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Unreal. Not only is it now easier than ever to order pizza you don’t even have to look at the total price at the end like you do when you order online, which always makes me feel guilty and shitty.

Now that I don’t even have to look at the cost it’s like I’m not even getting charged at all. I just press the button and the pizza comes to my house. Those are the only details I wanna know.

You can also push the button while pretending you’re Kim Jong-un kicking off World War 3, except instead of all out international warfare you get… pizza! Awesome.

Only problem is you run the very real risk of eating pizza 7 days a week. Exponentially increases the chance that the pizza-delivery girl thinks you’re a giant weirdo.


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