A Hail Storm Started In The Middle Of A Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show In Venice And Caused Utter Pandemonium

Oh no.

The Dolce & Gabbana Alta Sartoria runway show was interrupted by a freak hail storm the other day, sending audience members running for cover while others huddled together under umbrellas.

Have to say, it’s pretty satisfying to watch:


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Love to see it. Listen to all those fashionista types screaming in horror! In fairness, it does seem like a pretty bad hail storm. I do love all those people going “ow! f*ck!” while the hail gets heavier and heavier and keeps battering them though. Look at this poor family sheltering together under an umbrella:

It seems the actual models are a lot tougher than the audience – they just got on with the show and from what I can tell weren’t screaming or panicking or diving for cover at all:

Pretty impressive really. One of those ladies could have easily slipped on a chunk of hail stone and broken her neck on the runway! That wouldn’t be very fashionable, would it? Then again they do say beauty is pain so maybe it would be.

Just a shame it didn’t turn into a tornado and sweep everyone away really. Oh well, I guess Mother Nature knows best. To watch a mini-tornado rip through a beach in Brazil and send everyone flying, click HERE.


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