Doja Cat Accused Of ‘Stripping For White Supremacists’ In Racist Video Chat Where She ‘Mocked Police Brutality’

Doja Cat keeps on bringing the controversies.

24-year-old LA singer/rapper Doja Cat has denied being part of a “white supremacist chatroom” in an Instagram Live stream in which she addressed a series of controversies she’s been involved in recently.

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Doja, who recently went to #1 with her track ‘Say So’, was accused of participating in racist chatroom conversations on the site TinyChat, where she ‘stripped for white supremacists’, ‘mocked police brutality’ and said the N-word (which I thought mixed race people were allowed to do? Maybe not).

Here are a couple of videos that have been circulating:


She’s also faced backlash over an unreleased demo tape she recorded titled ‘Dindu Nuffin’ (a racist alt-right meme according to The Independent), as well as claims that she mocked the pronunciation of Beyoncé’s name. She apparently only dates white men too which has rubbed a bunch of people up the wrong way.

Here’s how Doja Cat addressed the ‘white supremacist’ chat room on her IG video:

Next [allegation] is ‘stripping for white supremacists’. The chatroom that I go to is a public chatroom. It’s me and my friends, you go in there … I learned that there are racist people who come in and out of the chat. They’re there. They happen, and then they’re banned. The idea that this chatroom is a white supremacist chatroom is… I don’t understand it in any way. Not even.

Addressing “Dindu Nuffin”, Doja said she had been called the term in the same chatroom, and had responded by using it in a song. She admitted that the song is “the worst” and said the lyrics made no sense, denying that it was in any way written to mock police brutality or Sandra Bland- a 28-year-old black woman found dead in a Texas jail cell in 2015:

That song is in zero ways connected to police brutality or Sandra Bland, and to see something like that, to see a song, my song that I made, connected to an innocent black woman’s death is one of the most awful rumours that I’ve ever encountered

On mocking Beyonce’s name:

I saw something about how people thought I was coming for Beyoncé? Beyoncé is the cream of the f***ing crop. Beyoncé is the reason why I believe I can be who I am. Beyoncé is one of the driving forces of who I am in my career. Beyoncé is undeniably talented and every f***ing time anyone has ever came for Beyoncé, I was there. And that’s all I have to say.

Reasonable explanations if you ask me? Although I can’t help but think this is all somehow connected to the fact that Doja Cat recently trolled her entire fan base into getting her song to #1 by pretending she would show them her boobs if they did. There were loads of incels and virgins seriously pissed off about that one who have been trying to get Doja Cat cancelled ever since.

It is pretty daft to accuse her of racism in any case, especially if those above clips are the key ‘evidence’ we’re going off. Either way it seems like Doja Cat just can’t keep out of controversy these last few weeks. Lana Del Rey even ripped into her in that now-infamous statement she released last Friday.


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