Watch This Dog Pull A Whitey After Accidentally Eating Some Weed Coconut Oil

Stoned Dog

We’ve all been there.

Getting a dog stoned is cruel but kinda funny when it happens by accident, because we all know he’s going to get out of it OK and it’s all happened to us at one point so we know it’s not SO bad. This dog might actually be the most stoned dog ever though after he accidentally ate some weed coconut oil that was dropped on the floor.

YouTube user Elyon420 (lol) explains:

Dropped a small glob of THC coconut oil on the kitchen floor and before I could stop him he licked it up and this is the hilarious result.

Don’t worry, after this I fed him pieces of my steak dinner and let him sleep on my pillow for the night so he was extra well taken care of after I stopped recording.

To all the haters, I love you like your parents never did. To all the people that thought this was genuinely funny and aren’t assuming malicious intent I love you too.

The next morning Rasko was back to his normal self, after drinking an entire water bowl LOL.

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Hmm maybe that isn’t that funny because the dog looks scared shitless, but I suppose we’ve all been there when we got a bit too high? At least we know he came out OK on the other side.

It is pretty funny that his eyes are so red and that he can barely stand up though – again, I’m sure we all know the feeling. But to be honest his owners should take a look at themselves and be more careful with their own weed/coconut weed oil so this doesn’t happen to be honest because they all sound completely baked and idiotic and unable to do anything except laugh in this video. Sort it out guys.

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