Best Dog Ever Leaves House To Go Pee, Comes Back With A Pound Of Weed

Good dog.

Dog of the week / month / possibly century goes to Miley, a black lab mix from Laurel, Mississippi, who was let out of the house to take a leak and then returned holding a white plastic bag that was packed full of weed.

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Investigators called to the home found high-grade marijuana in some baggies and less potent weed in the other baggies, totalling a pound in weight (that’s 16 ounces or 128 eighths).

Narcotics detectives probing Miley’s find have yet to make any arrests.


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The craziest thing about this story is that it even got reported in the first place. What kind of square dog-owner does Miley have anyway? Dog brings home a pound of weed and you call the police to come and take it all away. This might be (definitely is) the stoner in me talking but if my dog brings a pound of weed to my door-step that’s a sign from god. It was my destiny to be presented with a fat bag of weed that my dog randomly found in some field somewhere. I bet even the police are thinking ‘what a sucker’.

At least it’s another example of why dogs are the most awesome creatures on the planet.


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