A Dog Has Tragically Died After She Was Physically Abused With A Carrot

Dog Dies After Being Violated With 12-Inch Carrot

This is absolutely sickening.

Before anyone chimes in yes, I might not be a vegetarian/vegan, but I still can’t understand why people would want to physically torture animals and do stuff like the people featured in this article did. I know ‘meat is murder’ and all that, but I don’t think the amount of pain that was caused by the actions of the person in this article is the equivalent to what happens in a sausage factory or whatever.

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Anyway, this story sadly concerns the fate of a Turkish dog named Pamuk from the area known as Gulc. Her owner – 47-year-old Cetin Duyar – discovered her bleeding and in pain and took her to see the local vet, who’d determined that someone had stuck a foot long carrot up her vagina.

Vet Ismail Demircan performed surgery to remove the carrot – which sadly meant Pamuk’s pregnancy was also terminated – and Pamuk was allowed to return home. Unfortunately, the surgery had left her with problems in her stomach and she couldn’t eat. Gastritis meant that the animal lost her appetite, which eventually led to organ failure and death.

Dog Dies After Being Violated With 12-Inch Carrot

A truly heartbroken Duyar said the following:

Pamuk was cute and sweet. I really love animals. What can I say to those who do this?

I’m ashamed of my own manhood. If this is masculinity, I do not want such masculinity.

I mean the guy’s got a point. Who the hell in their right mind would do such a thing? Surely Duyar must have some idea who was behind the attack. I hope he finds him and makes him pay because no animal or person should be treated like that. Absolutely shocking.

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