Check Out This Documentary On Gangland Violence In El Salvador – The Murder Capital Of The World

El Salvador

Their murder rate is 22 times that of the United States.

El Salvador is a little known country 1,658 miles south of the United States border. It also happens to be the murder capital of the world, with a murder rate 22 times that of the USA.

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This is thanks to their criminal gang problem, with many gangs controlling entire neighbourhoods. They’re now seeking to expand their influence into the US, so ABC went down there to do a special report on just what the hell was going on down there.

Jesus. All those people in those cages – that looks like a very fucked up country. There’s no way i’m ever visiting it. I wish them all the best trying to sort it out, but unfortunately I’ve got no idea how they would ever hope to achieve that.

If you want to see how this compares to America, check out some pictures from the most violent city in the United States.


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