Doc Brown’s Angry Tea Rap

Doc Brown lays down his Angry Tea Rap on Russell Howard’s Good News

Until the other day, I hadn’t heard of Doc Brown (aka Ben Smith), not to be confused with the time-travelling scientist from Back to the Future. I feel like I should have done though – it seems he’s quite a talented dude. Originally, he was a hip-hop artist who worked with the likes of Mark Ronson, Lily Allen and the late Amy Winehouse, as well as appearing on the mic at Fabric a couple of times. A few YouTube ‘critics’ were even saying he is/was as good as MC Life from Phi Life Cypher. Having listened to some of his tunes, I personally think they were talking pure shit, but his stuff isn’t bad at all. In addition to music, he has done voiceover, film and television work; funnily enough this includes creating a fair bit of material for CBBC. He also continues a successful career in stand-up, as you will see shortly.

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter whether you know him or not, but a bit of background info never hurt anyone. Just check out this thing he did on Russell Howard’s Good News the other week. It’s pretty jokes. And if you drink tea – which I imagine is the majority of you thanks to our old friends at the East India Company – you will most likely empathise.

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