DMX/Pokemon Mashup – Ash Gonna Give It To You

DMX Pokemon

A DMX/Pokemon mashup video sounds like it could potentially be the worst thing ever. Fortunately it isn’t and is actually kind of a banger. Check it out here.

DMX Pokemon

I’ve always been really into mashups ever sine I first heard Girl Talk when I was living in Canada back in 2006 but I usually find that most of them are just really shit and not good at all (with the exception of that Miley Cyrus and Notorious B.I.G. one) and most of the time they don’t even really fit together that well, kinda like a really shit version of Girl Talk that instead of actually thinking about the mash ups just lazily whacks too songs together, whereas Girl Talk would have to whack about 30 songs together in one song and it would actually all fit really well together and be completely sick. Thankfully this is not one of those crappy mashups and it’s actually a good one. Of course it’s nowhere near as good as Girl Talk though.

The dude has decided to mash up the Pokemon TV Show  theme music with DMX’s ‘X Gonna Give It To You’ and has named it ‘Ash Gonna Give It To You’ which you know sounds fairly appropriate but isn’t exactly that inventive. Still, I guess when you’re making a mashup there isn’t really that much you can do to to come up with an original title because you have to base it around the two songs that you’re mashing up, so maybe I shouldn’t complain about that and just be thankful that it’s not another godawful mashup. It actually fits together really well with the Pokemon theme music and the chorus is a particular highlight. It kinda sounds like Girl Talk in some places as well to be honest and it’s the kind of thing he would mashup, although he would probably find some way to do it better than this.

The video is kinda cool because it’s just the video to the DMX song where he’s just driving around in his car rapping and looking like a badass but in actual fact he’s just rapping along to the Pokemon theme music which is pretty comical. The video could definitely do with more Pokemon though. Check it out below:

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