DJ Smile Remix

DJ Smile

After the success of DJ Smile’s epic freestyle last Friday, a couple of people have actually made some remixes so now you can check his flow to a beat.

DJ Smile

Merry Christmas everyone. Last Friday I posted this awesome video of DJ Smile trying to do some freestyle rapping at what I thought was a motorway service station but what I later discovered thanks to some relentless trolling was actually the job centre which makes way more sense. Anyway, this was probably one of the most well received posts I have ever written on Sick Chirpse and it got a lot of love. And I mean a lot. So much so that one guy called Ben Potts decided to make some kind of remix of DJ Smile and put his terrible rap over some kind of dance track. I’m not so good on genres and the internet is really crap at my parents house so I can’t even listen to it again to try and decipher it, so I’m just going to leave it at that. Actually it just loaded up as I was writing this finally and it kind of reminds of some kind of Timbaland/Justin Timberlake beat but not as good. That probably isn’t what Ben Potts wants it to be described as though.

I’m not sure if he first heard of DJ Smile on Sick Chirpse or if he knew about him before or whatever but I would imagine he did hear it off us because he used the screengrab that I took and used as the featured image on the article in the YouTube video which kind of impies he heard it through us. So that’s awesome that Sick Chirpse is kinda inspiring new music. Anyway, the remix itself isn’t that inspiring, it’s just kinda terrible and goes to accentuate even more how terrible DJ Smile is at rapping in general. There are some pretty funny bits in the mix though so it’s worth a listen and will probably bring a smile (geddit?) to your face this Christmas if nothing else.

Someone else called rubberpiano has also made a Christmas remix which is even worse than Ben Potts effort because it’s just that Mike Oldfield song with a really lame drumbeat and DJ Smile rapping over the top of it. It’s kind of cool though because even though rubberpiano put not effort in at all with the remix he did make actually put a bit of effort into the video and so there’s some snow coming down on DJ Smile as he’s rapping outside the job centre in this version. Pretty cool huh? Merry Christmas.

Check it:

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