The DJ At Conor McGregor’s Official After Party Made An Unbelievable Screwup

Conor McGregor Upset

This is inexcusable.

Following the biggest win of your career in the biggest (and probably quickest) fight of your career, you’re probably going to want to let off some steam and party it up.

That’s exactly what Conor McGregor did on Saturday night, heading to the official after show party at the Foxtail Nightclub at SLS, whatever that is. It looks like it was a pretty fun time though – some B list celebrities like Craig Robinson were in attendance, and there were a lot of girls dancing around in cages and a lot of loud music and people dancing. Sounds pretty much perfect.

Except for one thing though. The DJ made an unbelievable party foul when he introduced Conor McGregor by the wrong name when he arrived to the club. Unfortunately this in a really annoying TMZ clip where people are talking about celebrities, but it is worth listening to because when you get to it, it is really dumb and funny:

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Colin McGregor?!?! Seriously? What the hell was this DJ on, considering he works in Las Vegas – which was no doubt buzzing about this fight – and was also paid to be the official after party DJ!? I’ll be surprised if he ever works in the town again.

Conor seems like a real laid back joker though so he probably took it in his stride and didn’t react or anything. To be honest I doubt anything could have spoiled that night for him.


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