Disturbing Snapchat Shows Girls Drinking Heavily Moments Before Their Horrific Death


Final moments.

A video has emerged showing three women drinking and joking around allegedly just moments before dying in a fatal car crash.

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Bianca Herwig, 23, Paige Smith, 21 and Heather Camisa, 17 from Pennsylvania, US all died after the car they were driving in slammed into a telephone pole and became entangled in power lines earlier this week. A fourth passenger, Brooke Molnar, 21, survived but is in critical condition.

Reports state that both alcohol and speed played a part in the horror crash. The footage below reportedly shows the girls shortly before the incident, dancing, singing and drinking what looks like a lot of alcohol:

It’s clear from that video that those girls were playing a dangerous game by driving like that. Not that it makes this incident any less tragic.

Police chief Tim O’Connor said:

We believe that the video was made at some point preceding the crash.

I’m not exactly sure of the time frame between the video being taken and the crash – that’s under investigation.

I’ve been in law enforcement for many, many years, and I will count this as one of the more horrific incidents that I’ve responded to.

So sad – RIP to those girls and thoughts go out to their friends and family. Let this be a warning to anyone who drink drives. You might think you’ve got things under control but it just takes one slip up and that’s it. Just don’t do it.

In fact, why not quit alcohol full stop? It sucks balls anyway.


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