Disney Has Been Secretly Inserting Mickey Mouse Images Into Movies For Decades

Mickey Mouse Secret Images Featured

Just to remind everyone who the boss is.

Easter eggs are a really fun way for geeks to enjoy geeky movies even more but most people just hear about them and think ‘huh, that’s neat’ and go about the rest of their life. Most people don’t actively search for them or bust a nut when they find them but we’re thankful for those people out there who are like that so we can appreciate the Easter eggs that they do find, like these ones you can use on Google.

This one is all about Disney movies and the fact that for almost the entirety of their existence, the creators have been putting in Mickey Mouse images in the most obscure of places. You know, just to remind everyone who the boss is. Some of them are pretty hard to find so whoever made this kindly circled them and blew them up for us. Make sure you look out for them next time you catch a Disney movie.


Mickey Mouse Hercules 1

Mickey Mouse Hercules 2

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