Disney Have Released The Full Trailer To Aladdin And The Genie Is Actually Kinda Cool

Aladdin Trailer

Didn’t see this coming.

The live action remake of Aladdin has pretty much dissed by everyone out there for multiple reasons, but the main one being that Will Smith playing the big blue genie is just such a dumb image that nobody can really take it seriously.

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The first trailer that Disney released for it did nothing to qualm these fears as it barely featured him and when he did he just looked like an idiot, but the latest trailer has surprisingly made Will Smith as the genie look like a vaguely good idea. There’s a stupid Robin Williams esque bit where he pretends to be really serious and scary when he comes out of the lamp for the first time before turning into a joke a minute kind of guy.

Thankfully, he isn’t walking around all blue all the time either which is a definite improvement. Also, watch out for when ‘A Whole New World’ kicks in on the trailer and tell me you don’t get some goosebumps and start to think that this wasn’t such a terrible idea as well thought it was in the past:

Yeah I mean it almost kinda made me want to go and see it there you know? Not sure if I’m actually that tempted but it defintiely doesn’t look like the absolute shitshow that I expected from it. Fingers crossed it can actually deliver.

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