Here’s How Disney Is Planning To Handle Armie Hammer’s Role In ‘Death On The Nile’

It’s not looking good for its release after his sinister sexual misconduct allegations.

I’m not convinced that anyone really knew who Armie Hammer was until all these horrific allegations of sexual misconduct came out earlier this year – yeah I had heard of his name and knew he was an actor, but I wasn’t really sure what he looked like, he was one of those guys, you know? – but now it looks as if his career is effectively over. How can Hollywood ever hire him again after this shit storm?

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However, because of the pandemic there’s one movie the he plays a leading role in that has been on the shelf for over two years and I suppose that might mean that he can somehow resurrect a life in show business if it performs when it’s finally released? The film in question is ‘Death On The Nile’ and it was originally supposed to come out in the summer of 2020 but now has a February 2022 release date, although there’s naturally a debate about what to do with it because of Hammer’s involvement.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there are many options as Hammer is the prime suspect in the movie and the busy schedules of the ensemble cast means that there is absolutely no chance of reshooting the scenes. Here’s what Variety had to say about the situation:

The studio is not currently considering a reshoot or recasting his role, another insider with knowledge of the project said. Reshoots, after all, could cost tens of millions and would be nearly impossible to pull off given the packed schedules of the ensemble.

“It seems like the only way to go with this is to come out front and say, ‘Hundreds of people worked on this project, and we’re not scrapping it because of one individual,’” said a rival studio executive, who also suspected the film might forgo a theatrical release entirely and premiere exclusively on its streaming service Hulu.

Ooof. That would be pretty awful if the movie didn’t get to come out at the cinema because Hammer was in it, but in the era of cancel culture can you really release a movie with starring him and expect people to even go and see it at the very best and not cancel your whole film production company for releasing it at the every worst?

It’s an extremely tricky situation and one that I’m not that bothered about to be honest. I’m not particularly assed about seeing it myself, but you have to feel that there are some people that were really looking forward to it and they’re probably going to be bummed that they can’t see it on the big screen. Bet they hate Armie Hammer because of that. Fuck him for that and everything else he’s been involved in recently.

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