Best New Tumblr Find: Dirty Disney Confessions

best new tumblr find

It’s up for debate whether this is the Best New Tumblr Find, or the worst as your favourite Disney characters meet the internet’s secret feelings about them.

We bring you a lot of Best New Tumblr Finds here at Sick Chirpse. What can we say? We like killing your time or encouraging you to procrastinate, and it sure helps that Tumblr is such a hotbed for, well, hotbeds. There’s nary a thing you can’t find a Tumblr dedicated to, whether you were capable of imagining it beforehand or not. You might’ve seen one of the most recent Tumblrs we gifted you with, Pornhub Comments On Stock Photos, and had yourself a good time as the Internet combined two of its most prevalent features; the opinions of chronic masturbators and re-enactments of real life.

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Well, this Tumblr I’m bringing to your attention today runs on a similar principle, except in place of stock images we have screenshots of your childhood memories, and in place of the opinions of chronic masturbators we have… well, the opinions of chronic masturbators but in relation to the graphic ways they want to fuck those loved and cherished childhood memories of yours. Yes, here for all to see are photos of some of your favourite Disney characters who may have guided you through childhood into adulthood; comforted you; brought you happiness; taught you some lifelong lessons; inspired you or helped you aspire to achieve your dreams. You know, all that fairytale stuff.

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And, attached to those photos, those characters, those memories, we have the uncompromisingly honest submissions of all your fellow Internet dwellers about how they got a little too attached to those same characters and memories, or perhaps got led into adulthood a little too prematurely by those characters and memories. Anyway, whatever, enjoy, you may well relate to some of these; hopefully not the first one mind, it’s just racist. This is either the best new tumblr find, or the worst.

best new tumblr find

best new tumblr find

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