Diplo Just Absolutely Decimated Katy Perry For Ranking Him Last In Her Sexual Partners

Katy Perry Diplo

This was inevitable.

It’s not really that cool to comment on one of your previous partner’s sexual performance after you’ve broken up, and it’s probably even less cool to broadcast that to the whole entire world when you’re a celebrity.

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Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Katy Perry did the other day on the James Corden show, letting the whole world know who was the best in bed out of John Mayer, Orlando Bloom and Diplo.

Needless to say, Diplo was a bit miffed that he came in third place and decided to ‘celebrate’ the award with the following set of tweets:

Yeah I mean, he tried to style it out with the first tweet and he probably would’ve gotten away with it too if he hadn’t sent the second one, because that does come across as being kind of butthurt about it all. It’s still a sick rinse though, even if nobody believes it – I don’t care how cool Diplo is, there’s no way he would have forgotten having sex with Katy Perry. But at least by pretending that is the case, he comes off looking a bit better than just being Katy Perry’s least favourite lover.

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