Dimitar Berbatov Has Conducted A Bizarre Interview With Himself On Facebook

Dimitar Berbatov

Typical Berbatov.

Dimitar Berbatov has always been one of those guys who does what he wants and thinks he’s the top dog, and in fairness – at least for a time – he was.

I mean he hasn’t been the most prolific scorer – although he did win the Golden Boot for Man U once I think – but he’s always had one of the sickest touches in the game and scored some of the most sublime goals you’ll ever see. He’s basically a mercurial enigma, and that’s why it’s not really that much of a surprise that he’s decided to do something completely weird like this and conduct an interview with himself on Facebook.

In his old age, Berbatov is playing over at PAOK Athens and can’t even get in the team because he’s so slow. Sometimes they bring him on towards the end of the game to try and switch things up. This happened over the weekend against AIK Athens in a local derby and he didn’t too well, getting his first red card in 13 years.

Instead of doing the normal thing and talking to a journalist about the incident, Berbatov instead decided to turn to someone he could trust – Dimitar Berbatov:

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Well, that wasn’t particularly insightful or anything really was it? I don’t really see why he couldn’t have just done that interview with a regular journalist, how would they have twisted his words and manipulated him or anything? I suppose at least he’s got it right in his own head now.

I suppose this is just what you expect from the great sporting eccentrics though. We’re pretty sure Berbs didn’t mean to do this though, even though it ended up looking completely sick.


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