This dude plays a tree in his back garden as a musical instrument and it actually rules.

Diego Stocco is a sound artist who plays a fvcking tree in his back garden as a musical instrument.

Here’s the thought and physical process behind Diego Stocco’s decision to try and create music using the tree:

‘In the garden of my house there’s a tree with lots of randomly grown twigs. It looks odd and nice at the same time. One day I asked myself if I could create a piece of music with it.

To tune the tree I picked a fundamental note and tuned the twigs by trimming them with a pencil sharpener. I used two Røde NT6 and a NTG-2 as microphones, combined with a customized stethoscope.

I recorded the tracks live on a Pro Tools LE system. I didn’t use any synthesizer or sampler to create or modify the sounds. All the sounds come from playing the tree, by bowing the twigs, shaking the leaves, playing rhythms on the cortex and so on.’

Here’s a really cool video of Diego Storro playing the tree:


According to his official website, Diego Storro is a 35 year old Italian sound designer/composer/performer ‘that creates eclectic musical experiences with custom built instruments and experimental recording techniques.’ Diego’s unorthodox style leads him to discover new sounds from different sources that nobody has ever investigated before such as this tree video but also includes a washing machine and . Diego is phenomenally successful in terms of providing ambient scores for movies, video games and TV Shows such as ‘Terminator: Salvation,’ ‘Dexter,’ and ‘Call of Duty: World of War.’ He’s pretty much a sickhead I guess.

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