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Reservoir Dicks

Dickipedia mixes pen-drawn photo-realism with wangs.

The flare and creative panaché displayed by some of the visual arts practitioners who have begun to exhibit on Dickipedia, a Tumblr that emerged this week, is nothing short of astounding.  From ‘Cock of the Walk’ to ‘The Dicktator’, there’s really something for everyone on this most original of art blogs. And the best part? You can submit your own efforts. So while it might be a while before you can draw willies like these pros, at least it might inspire you to come up with a knob-based pun and put pen to paper. Because it’s important to have a life outside of work isn’t it? Here are my favourites below but check out the rest over at Dickipedia.

Cock of the Walk




The Foreskin...


Moby Dick


The Dicktator


Walking Sdick


Adolf Dickler


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