Diageo Are Working On A Non Alcoholic Guinness

Dreams can come true.

Have you ever wanted to tuck into a delicious Guinness, but not worry about the effects of a hangover afterwards?

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I honestly can’t say that this has ever been something that has concerned me, but clearly it’s a big enough market that Diageo themselves have felt the need to try and develop a non alcoholic version of the black stuff. Here’s what their global head of innovation Michael Ward said at a recent media event about it:

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You would certainly expect that we would (launch a non-alcoholic Guinness).

But it needs to be a no-compromise proposition.

There are still a lot of challenges to work through.

It’s difficult to achieve a perfect balance between brand quality and the requirements of making a no, or low-alcoholic product.

I mean I don’t know anything about brewing Guinness but I imagine it will probably be pretty difficult to take the alcohol content out of it and still retain that delicious and unique flavour. It sounds like they’re gonna give it a right good go though and I’m fairly confident they will come up with the solution eventually. Just a pity that I’m probably not gonna have any interest in drinking it ever. Sure there are a few of you out there though that can’t wait for this news!

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