Desperate Times Call For Action


It’s a nightmare scenario – you’re back from a Stag to with no wallet – what you gonna do?


It’s a nightmare scenario. You’ve been out for an almighty Stag do, the Stag to end all Stags, cheers, beers, laughs and shags and now you’re in the soup. You have no idea where you are, but you recognise the distinctive taste of last night’s adventuring in your mouth, and you’re well accustomed to the hazy sight of dimly lit carpet pressing against your face.

You get yourself together, take stock and see around you a room in which you’ve never set foot. Sheepishly, you call ‘hello’. Someone (or something) grunts somewhere in the darkness, but you can’t bear to investigate any further. You slip out of the front door and into the baffling reality of daylight. As cars roar past down a road that’s totally alien to you, you take stock of your situation. No injuries… starting to feel a little more human… but your wallet’s missing

You’ve really gone and done it now. Penniless in the middle of nowhere, on the day of your best friend’s wedding. Not only would a no-show be a massive let-down to your pal, it’d well and truly prove the bride-to-be correct in her conviction that you’re a bit of an idiot.

Well we can’t have that. All that’s left in your pocket is your phone and your credit card — which, predictably, was totally maxed out last night. Google Maps has got your back, so long as you’ve not made it out of the country, so now all that’s left is to make enough cash for the bus fare.

Aha! The realisation dawns that you might just have a little credit left at Jackpot Capital Casino’s online blackjack table, agonisingly close to enough to pay for the bus, but enough for a little flutter at least… When you think about it, it’s a pretty big flutter. All you can do is pick your luckiest slots game, make the play and hope for the best…

If you win, you’re comfortably on the way to the wedding with something approaching folk hero status amongst your peers and a bus seat beneath your smart arse… And if you lose? Well, there’s always the slightly embarrassing option of calling one of your fellow wedding-goers and begging for a lift — just be prepared for the ribbing of a lifetime.

Either way, you’ve made it in one piece. Sure, you took a few risks along the way, but isn’t that what it’s all about? The most foolish gamble anyone can ever make in life is risking the chance to enjoy your precious time on this Earth for the sake of stability — and we wouldn’t bet on stability for a moment. Enjoy the moment, don’t sweat the petty things and try your best not to pet the sweaty things… If you’re gonna have fun, you’d better get used to wagering a little here and there along the way.


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