SXSW is old news now, but I figured I would bookend our coverage of it with this report from Derek Perry. We had mightymightygood reporting for about 5 days of it but then I guess she just decided to have fun instead of writing blogs (which is cool I guess) but I figured we needed to have some kind of conclusion/bookend for the event on Sick Chirpse. Step forward my buddy Derek Perry.

Who the hell is Derek Perry I hear you ask? Well, Derek Perry (you have to use his full name) plays in the band Fake Problems, which I featured briefly when the site was in its infancy. Derek Perry was lucky enough (lucky enough?) to play a few sets with Fake Problems at SXSW and also made this video where he does some reporting, attends some boring panels, catches a Bright Eyes show, walks through huge crowds and then sits on a hill and watches some fireworks go off. It’s pretty entertaining.

What makes it even more exciting (exciting?) is that Derek Perry filmed the entire piece on the Iphone 4. Derek aims to have shot an entire movie with the Iphone 4 by the end of the year so we’ll keep you posted on the progress of that. Again, it sounds like it could be vaguely exciting/revolutionary. Check out Derek Perry’s SXSW report below:



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