A NYC Dentist Has Been Terrorising His Neighbours & The Footage Is Insane

His neighbours are terrified this is going to end in a murder/suicide.

A New York City dentist has been accused of terrorising neighbours in his upscale Manhattan apartment building by assaulting them, slashing tires, screaming and cursing everybody out, smashing things with a baseball bat, and even biting a doorman who tried to stop him one night.

Needless to say Dr. Michael Medeiros is an absolute nightmare to live with, and you really have to see the news report to understand how bad things are (via NBC NY):

Holy shit. How has this guy not been evicted from the building? How is he still a practicing dentist? I mean he must have been sane at one point to complete dental school. Looks like he developed psychosis later in life and is maybe the consummate professional when he’s looking into people’s mouths at work and then returns home and terrorises his neighbours like some sort of Jekyll & Hyde character.

The wildest part is his lawyer insisting he’s been “falsely accused”, even with the multiple arrests, witness testimonies and CCTV footage of what he’s been up to. Seeing those neighbours say they’re terrified of taking their dogs for a walk and that they literally plan their fighting strategies in case they come into contact with him is nuts. I don’t think that guy was being dramatic when he said “this will end in a murder/suicide”.

Crazy to also discover comments on Reddit from his old clients:

Anyway, I’m sure seeing a whole news report on himself won’t be triggering at all. Let’s hope Dr. Mike gets the help he needs and that his neighbours can finally get some peace and quiet and safety in their own homes.

Anyone who’s ever had a shitty neighbour can sympathise, like the man who had his neighbour jailed for blasting Classic FM at all hours of the day.


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