This Demonic Mother Is The Scariest Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today

You don’t want to mess with this woman.

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but I think they might need to update that phrase for 2018 after seeing the demonic response of this woman when another one made her children shift up on the subway so she could shift down.

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Whilst there’s no doubt that the mother is probably right – there isn’t really enough space for the woman to sit down and making the two kids shift up is just stupid – there’s absolutely no way that that action justified a reaction like that. Not only is she racist and violent and unfathomably confrontational, but she also literally has a voice that sounds like she’s possessed like a demon.

This is absolutely terrifying:

Damn I was getting pretty shook just watching that thinking that she might start on me or something. Like crawl out of the screen and start shouting at me, Ring style.

Anyway, there are two things I wanted to focus on as being stupid about that video:

  1. When she keeps saying ‘Welcome to America/Brooklyn, you dumb Chinese bitch’ and then later goes on to say that her children are Spanish. That’s a bit stupid.
  2. When she said ‘what are you filming? My dick in your mouth’ at the end of the video. That’s a classic mic drop ender moment right there. See you later, that’s all she wrote.

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