Insidious Deep Web Video Shows Inside The Bedrooms Of Hacked Webcams


These people have no idea.

An unsettling video has emerged online showing the webcams of unsuspecting internet users.

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The footage was taken from camera streams published on the deep web, showing people looking at their laptops, smoking, pottering around the house and generally going about their day, all of them completely unaware that someone has hacked into their webcam and is posting their business all over the deep web.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube by MJDorian, who made it as a way to warn people to protect their webcams with passwords. Or you could do as I do and cover your camera with black tape or a sticker. Choose the method that is easiest for you but whatever you do, just make sure you pick one of them so that there’s no chance that some hacker is able to watch or even publish your every move. Although you might not think it would happen to you, neither did the people in this video or the thousands of other people whose faces are featuring on the deep web as we speak. Stay safe out there.

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