This Deep Sea Creature Has Sent The Internet Into Meltdown

Peanut Worm

What lies beneath.

Deep sea scientists were left in a state of shock after finding a new sea worm that looks exactly like a man’s penis.

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The Peanut Worm was discovered by a research vessel some 13,000 feet beneath the sea by the University of Victoria over in Australia, who had this to say about it:

What can we say? Our scientists went deep.

Peanut Worm

The research vessel that discovered it was also called ‘The Investigator’, which I’m sure you can come up with a decent enough sexual innuendo if you think about it long enough. And it would be rude not to really, wouldn’t it?

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That’s all the info I’ve got about this dude, but if you still haven’t got your fix of animals that look like the male genitalia, then check out this weird Brazilian snake that also is reminiscent of a dick. Why is nature doing this to us?


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