Massive Dead Spider Found In Unsealed Bottle Of Coke Bought In T

Dead Spider

Better double check that bottle the next time you take a sip.

Well this is particularly gross and probably enough to put you off Coca Cola for the rest of your life if you’re particularly health conscious or scared of spiders.

A British couple called Steve Knight and Amanda Barr went to the fridge to pour themselves some Coke from a three litre bottle when they discovered that there was a dead spider in the bottle. Yuck. They reasoned that the spider hadn’t come from their cupboard because it was the first time they used the bottle and they also store their glasses upside down. There was only one conclusion – the bottle had been bought with the dead spider in it. Revolting.

Dead Spider Coca Cola Bottle

They had bought the Coke from Iceland but weren’t blaming them as they examined the spider and thought it looked like it wasn’t from this country, so they think that the spider came from wherever the Coke was originally bottled. They’ve complained to Coke who have promised a full investigation, but let’s be serious that probably isn’t really going to achieve anything is it?

Dead Spider

Also, although this is particularly disgusting and unnerving for the couple involved, you have got to respect the fact that probably something ridiculous like a billion bottles of Coke are sold worldwide every day and you rarely ever hear about anything like this so it’s pretty unlikely to happen again and that 99.99% of the time Coke are doing their job. But still, the one time a dead spider gets in your bottle then it probably really is going to hit the news and fuck up your carefully presented image massively, isn’t it? At least the dead spider wasn’t hanging out in someone’s mouth I suppose.



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