Dead Shack Looks Like The Horror Comedy Of 2018

Dead Shack

When your cannibal neighbour wants to feed your family to their undead slaves.

2017 was a great year for horror and it looks like 2017 won’t be any different, as we’ve already got a trailer for a unique looking horror/comedy called Dead Shack.

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I say unique but really the story begins in the same way as many other classics of the genre. A family are heading to a cabin in the woods for a weekend away, but after the three kids go exploring they discover that their neighbour is a cannibal who intends to feed them all to her undead family.

Whilst that sounds like it’s going to be particularly gruesome, the whole thing looks like it’s played in a slightly more comedic fashion kinda akin to Stranger Things if anything, and looking at the trailer it looks like they’re going to pull it off as well. Take a look:

Looks pretty good right? I love the way the cannibal woman wears a welding outfit, seriously creepy. Apparently it’s as scary as it is funny in parts too so that’s promising.

Unfortunately there’s no news yet on an official UK release so it might be a while until we actually end up seeing it which is a bit of a bummer, but I’m sure there’s a way you can probably find it on the internet if you’re desperate. All good.

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