Apply For The Dawnbreaker’s Scholarship To Get £1000 To Absolutely Revolutionise Your Morning Routine

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Are you tired of the same old morning routine? Time to make a change.

Mornings are usually associated with a tired old routine, but this shouldn’t and needn’t be the case thanks to nutritional breakfast drink Up & Go. They’re giving you the chance to reclaim your mornings and achieve something awesome and inspirational with them thanks to their Dawnbreaker’s Scholarship competition.

In case you haven’t heard of Up & Go, it’s a morning beverage that packs everything you need to start your day into it and tastes delicious too. It’s especially useful if you’re busy and don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast, because you can just drink it wherever you’re going or whatever you’re doing. It’s available in three flavours – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Up & Go are putting the idea that they’re the perfect breakfast when you’re on the go to the test with the Dawnbreaker’s Scholarship. Basically, they’re offering a prize of £1000 each month – along with access to the Up & Go 60s VW camper van and a GoPro camera – to the person who comes up with the best idea for a morning activity / adventure that they can perform which will brighten up the rest of the day and hopefully their entire lifestyle too. Examples of such exciting and stimulating activities can be seen in the video below and include such awesome adventures as a parkour race to see the sunrise on top of a hill, early morning freestyle football training and watching the sun rise over Manhattan from New Jersey.

You can already see just from these ideas alone that there’s so much more you can do with your mornings compared to what you’re probably doing with them right now. I’m not sure if any of these guys had to go to work or school after this, but nevertheless they had already made the most of their mornings and had probably done more by 9 a.m. then most of us do in our entire day. That’s really how you should be spending your mornings.

And it could quite easily be you if you succeed in winning the Dawnbreaker’s Scholarship. To enter you need to head over here and sign up to the competition immediately and come up with an inspirational way to start your day. You can get more information about the scholarship – and see how much fun everyone involved is having – from the video below if you aren’t already convinced, but it should be a no brainer. You can also check out the Up & Go Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages too if you need to know anything else about it.

Don’t put it off – start reclaiming your mornings now.


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