Most Brutal Football Tackle Ever Leaves Striker’s Face Completely Mangled

You’d never guess this happened on the football pitch.

During a non-league cup game between Felixstowe Harpers And Ipswich Valley Rangers the other day, striker David Gibson was tackled and fell face-first at top speed into the fence post at the side pitch. He fractured his skull, nose and eye sockets – not really the kind of damage you would ever expect to pick up in a football match.

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Gibson spent 2 nights in hospital but is now back home recovering well. Former Ipswich Town right back Kevin Steggles said:

It’s the worst thing I have ever seen. But at the end of the day it was an accident and it’s obviously a difficult time for the family.

Harpers manager Ian Watson added:

David stumbled into (the post) at quite a pace although it was a normal challenge.

Head over to the next page to see Gibson’s NSFL injuries up close and personal – get well soon dude.

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